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Importance Of The Tour

Independent content creators tend to focus on the art, and less on the business aspect. Of course it is important for an audience to appreciate your work, but with the time invested in a project, you should rep the benefits of your labor. Making a profit allows you as an artist to create more work for the world to see.

IMC chose SA for our tour to expose the many untapped resources it has to offer. The low exchange rate, co-production opportunities, incentives, and large potential audience members eager to be entertained with quality content is only the beginning. The goal is to help independent filmmakers become stronger contenders in the market. We have identified key elements within the business aspect that tend to be neglected in the independent sector.

Globalization makes this period exciting. All that is needed to create a production is in SA. It isn’t necessary to assemble an entire crew and haul everything onto a plane. They have very professional crew members, facilities, and above the line professionals. There is less competition and more opportunities awaiting you, but you have to know the right people. That’s why it is imperative to make connections and build a bridge for communication and collaboration.

By being apart of this tour, you save time and gain the type of in depth knowledge and connections needed from being exposed to industry professionals.

It would be very unlikely that you would encounter this on your own within the amount of time allotted for the tour.

Our target group is directors, producers, filmmakers, and screenwriters, because these professionals would gain the most benefits from this type of exposure. Whether you want to use locations to shoot particular scenes, create an entire film or television idea, raise funds to complete a project, or distribute content via mobile devices, online, television or other distribution channels, it’s all possible in South Africa.

Several companies are available for you to learn about their services and how you can utilize them for your next project. Events are planned that will allow you to meet with other independent artists and top level production companies so that you can establish relationships. Before you leave South Africa, we assure you that you will be inspired, as you begin thinking of your next project, and feel confident having gain the necessary knowledge and contacts to create an international project.

Remember that knowledge is power, and the knowledge we are offering you comes in the form of knowing the right people and receiving the best information to increase your chances for a successful career.

Highlights Of Tour Opportunities

  • Qualifying filmmakers can receive up to 55% funding towards SA productions with films under $600,000
  • Exclusive opportunities for women and minority filmmakers
  • Screenwriters can expand partnership options
  • Have dinner and a discussion with producers of DISTRICT 9
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings to present your work to partners of interest
  • Utilize production and post production incentives
  • Receive funding towards productions to shoot in various regions
  • Attend multiple networking events with SA’s top production companies and independent filmmakers
  • Leverage conversion rates of $1 to 11 Rand
    ($500,000 is equivalent to 5,721,000 million Rand)
  • Distribute projects in South African movie theaters
  • Distribute content online and via mobile devices
  • Distribute content on South African television

Tour Description

14 Days/13 Nights
3 cities ( Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town )

The activities listed in the itinerary summary below will inspire your next step and open a multitude of doors to assist you in accomplishing your career goals.

A detailed itinerary will be provided to selected participants. The following summaries are highlights of the tour.

Gauteng ( Johannesburg )

5 days

The province of Gauteng presents a wealth of information for the taking, as home to the three largest broadcasters in Africa and the majority of South Africa’s TV productions. Learn first-hand from broadcasting company directors what it takes to have your content distributed on their channels.

Gain a valuable insight into the culture and history of Soweto and the city of Johannesburg with a personalized tour.

FUN FACT: Soweto is an acronym made up during the apartheid days from the first letters of the words “South Western Township”, and is an area of Johannesburg inhabited by over two million people. Homes here vary greatly, from extravagant mansions to tiny, makeshift shacks.

Allow an evening with prominent television producers to feed your curious mind; absorb important details of how to produce a successful running show for the South African market. Similarly, you will have the opportunity to speak with top distribution companies in the airline industry, learning priceless tips on how to land your content in their catalogue to be seen by customers around the world!

A visit to leading production facilities will enable you to learn all about their services and capabilities, giving you a thorough understanding of which companies would work best based on your project and the scope of its needs.

Soak up the wisdom of a well-versed enterprise in relation to distribution opportunities and start maximizing your profits. You’ll also have the chance to discover organizations with significant resources and skills to help you achieve project goals related to:

• Funding
• Incentives
• Securing crew
• Talent

We’ll have a relocation specialist walk you through the process of working in stunning South Africa for short term or long term stays. Expect to receive expert advice and suggestions on a variety of residency options.

Change up the scenery with a tour of the ever-impressive Sun City (Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure), which was recently utilized by the film “Blended” as a shooting location, and happens to be the largest resort in the world. This luxury resort is situated around 150 km north-west of Johannesburg in the former homeland of Bophuthatswana. Sun City is secluded, yet surrounded by blinding beauty; it’s a must-see while in South Africa and can be conveniently split into smaller shooting locations to suit projects of all shapes and sizes.


2 days

Durban, of the KwaZulu-Natal province, is the third largest city in South Africa and was recently voted as “New 7 Wonder City of the World”. It offers a plethora of unique shooting locations unlike those offered by Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The perfect subtropical climate – nine months of summer and three months wrapped in a pleasant winter – makes Durban an ideal spot for shooting. The area offers many of the same opportunities for experienced crew, and production assistance and facilities on a smaller scale.

Durban is a natural paradise situated on the eastern seaboard of Africa and is known for its gorgeous coastline of sun-kissed beaches. This region is unexploited, making it a valuable resource for untold stories.

While in the province of KwaZulu-Natal we will discover the versatile lay of the land and why KwaZulu-Natal can assist in helping to fund your next project.

Cape Town

7 days

Shrouded in mystery, Cape Town is blessed with spectacular mountains, beaches, vineyards, superb restaurants, bars, and seaside shopping; it would be difficult to imagine a more picturesque place. For these reasons, Cape Town has become an extremely attractive destination for filmmaking.

In this magnificent city you will encounter versatile landscapes to suit many a film set. A scenic helicopter flight around Cape Town at a height of 2000 feet is an experience words simply can’t describe; the birds-eye view offers a unique perspective on the landscape, igniting that spark to inspire your storytelling process.

Meet and Greet

Feel the excitement from the second you arrive as our group is greeted by the local press – and hold your breath because that’s just the beginning!

• Enjoy dinner with the producers of a movie that has recently put South Africa on the production map; learn about their process of collaborating with international partners, and the benefits of shooting in South Africa that maximized their profits.

• Receive in-depth, expert information about South African and African audience member content preferences and their habits. This will enable you to understand and connect with your target audience.

• Learn from a reputable international online distributor about pricing and royalties, how to dispense your content through their company, and how to drive qualified traffic to your content to boost profits. With no exclusive contract, this opportunity is a win-win, leaving other channels open for distribution.

• We will hold two exclusive networking events where you can meet like-minded professionals who share your goals and passion for the industry:

1. Set in the hills of Cape Town, this event will allow you to connect with top production companies for potential collaboration.
2. An intimate yacht gathering with independent professionals encourages you to build relationships for possible co-productions and partnerships.

Explore Cape Town’s premier filming studio, utilized by some of Hollywood’s chief production companies. Known for creating amazing production sets at a fraction of the budget of other countries around the world, it’s well worth a look!

Our action-packed itinerary benefits everyone from producers to directors; screenwriters to filmmakers… so what are you waiting for?

Please refer to our South African Tour Package on the homepage for visual details. View Package



-Domestic flight from Johannesburg to Durban, and Durban to Cape Town
-Shared lodging at Radisson Gautrain Hotel in Johannesburg, the Victoria & Alfred Hotel in Cape Town, and Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani Hotel in Durban
-Admission or cost of group activities (excludes personal preferences)
-Meals /breakfast daily/lunch daily/ special occasion dinners
-Transportation in South Africa related to group activities
-All taxes, fees, and service charges

Not included:

-Round trip International flight to/from South Africa
-Personal expenses and tips
-Overweight luggage fees
-Dinner (unless stated as a special event on the itinerary)
-Single occupancy accommodations (option to upgrade)
-Travel insurance
-Any other services unless specified in the itinerary

Tour Confirmation Process

In order to be considered for the tour, you must submit the following items in the order listed below. All documents, links (if applicable), must be uploaded to our submission form located on the website in order to have your request for participation considered:

1. A resume with detailed information about your professional background.
2. A brief summary pertaining to any present or future projects with a maximum of 500 words.
3. Any links to your work.

You will receive an email regarding your acceptance for the tour within 10 days of submission. If you are accepted, you will receive instructions on how to set up your account with the following details: pay your $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your position; complete your tour application, all other forms, and choose your payment option in the My Account section. Once the process is completed, you will receive notification along with access to view the itinerary and all other resources provided by International Media Concierge.

International Media Concierge understands that everyone has different situations, so we offer three convenient billing options to accommodate your needs. The payment schedule will be sent to the email address provided on the tour application. Please be sure to include a valid email address to insure you receive important communication from us. Payment reminder emails will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the payment due date.

Monthly Billing: Our monthly payment option allows you to budget the amount of the tour across the remaining months, with the balance to be paid in full 45 days prior to the departure date.

Dual Payment Billing: With our dual payment, you have the option to pay your balance in full within two scheduled dates, no more than 90 days after registration.

Full Payment Billing: A full payment option gives you the opportunity to relieve yourself of a payment schedule, but must be paid no later than 30 days after registration.

Accepted forms of payment: Paypal, certified check, and money order.

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Tour Details

Date : October 03-16, 2015

Price : $2,850 USD

Group Participant Size : 20 participant spaces are available. Tour participants are selected for the positions on a first come basis after determination of qualifications. Early submission is encouraged.

Submission Period : Closed

Locations : Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town

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