Film Facts

by admin, September 8, 2014

* It is estimated that more than 70% of the filming and television industry in South Africa is based in Gauteng, mainly in Johannesburg.

* Johannesburg is one of the oldest film communities in the world, with a national newsreel dating from the beginning of the 20th century.

* TV sales are the biggest sources of revenue for films in SA.

* The first film studio in South Africa, Killarney Film Studios, was established in 1915 in Johannesburg. The studio was founded and funded in the Johannesburg suburb of Killarney by US citizen Isidore W. Schlesinger.

* Schlesinger set up African Film Productions (AFP), which on 5 May 1913 screened the first of its weekly newsreels, African Mirror.

* In 1915 the Killarney Film Studios produced South Africa’s first animated film, Artist’s Dream. The artist was portrayed by Dennis Santry and the director was Harold Shaw.

* There are around 750 cinema screens in more than 70 complexes across the country.

* The film sector employs approx. 18,000 jobs 0r 2% of Cape Town’s employment.